Magical Collaboration Between Avolta and Matteo Cammisa in Cannes

Cannes, October 3-5, 2023 – Esteemed illusionist, magician Matteo Cammisa added an entrancing layer to an exclusive event alongside the TFWA World Exhibition & Conference. Collaborating with Avolta, a vanguard in global travel experiences, Matteo’s close-up magic performances bewitched an audience of high-profile guests, including luminaries from fashion brands like Prada, Hermes, Armani, and Chanel […]

From Italy to Times Square: Matteo Cammisa’s Magical Talent Lights Up Iconic Billboard

The world of magic celebrates the remarkable talent of Italian magician Matteo Cammisa, as he makes his stunning debut on the iconic Times Square billboard. Known for his exceptional skills in cube and card illusions, Matteo’s performances have earned him international recognition. Originally from Italy, Matteo commenced his magical adventure at a young age, dedicating […]

Matteo’s Magic show Ignites the F1 Weekend in Budapest

The Formula 1 weekend in Budapest was a blend of high-octane races and dazzling off-track entertainment. Adding a unique flavor to this mix was Matteo, Italian magician known for his innovative approach to modern magic. The festivities kicked off with the Boss x Formula 1 event where Matteo showcased his talent to a captivated audience, […]