Hotel Collaboration Options with Matteo

Tailored Performances for Guests and Corporate Clients


Bring a Spark of Magic to Hotel Events with Matteo

Matteo offers versatile performances suitable for a wide range of hotel guests, from individuals seeking unique dining experiences to corporate clients hosting events.
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Exclusive Entertainment for Various Hotel Events

Whether it’s a private party, a corporate gathering, or a special event in the hotel, Matteo’s performances are tailored to fit the occasion, adding a touch of elegance and entertainment.
Close-Up Magic in Restaurants or Bars
Intimate magic shows by Matteo in dining areas or lounges create an enchanting atmosphere, enhancing the guest dining experience.
Stage Shows for Conferences and Large Gatherings
Matteo performs larger stage shows for events like conferences, adding a high-value entertainment factor.
Themed Event Series
Matteo headlines themed event series, aligning his performances with the hotel’s seasonal, cultural, or custom themes.
Enhanced Guest Engagement and Social Media Impact
Press Package for Promotional Use
A Press Package is provided for promotional purposes, adaptable to various hotel events.
Hotel Collaboration Options with Matteo


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