Matteo’s Magic show Ignites the F1 Weekend in Budapest

The Formula 1 weekend in Budapest was a blend of high-octane races and dazzling off-track entertainment. Adding a unique flavor to this mix was Matteo, Italian magician known for his innovative approach to modern magic.

The festivities kicked off with the Boss x Formula 1 event where Matteo showcased his talent to a captivated audience, including F1 legend Fernando Alonso. His charismatic performance, filled with mind-bending card tricks, became an unforgettable highlight.

The magic did not stop there. At the iconic GR1D CLUB™ after-party at FELIX Kitchen & Bar, Matteo took the stage once again. Against the backdrop of a fashionable crowd, a striking fashion show, pulsating music from renowned DJs like EROK and an elite audience comprising F1 driver Nico Hülkenberg and UK NBA star Ovie Soko, Matteo’s performance stood out. His modern card magic spellbound the attendees, making him a memorable part of the event.

His magic resonated with the vibe of the GR1D CLUB™ party, which is known for its exclusivity, the mingling of sporting celebrities, and being a melting pot of different art forms. His dexterity with card tricks, coupled with his innovative approach, made Matteo a standout figure in a sea of distinguished personalities.

In an event designed to celebrate speed, prowess, and luxury, Matteo added a unique and thrilling facet with his magic. As the F1 engines roared, Matteo’s magic quietly stole the show, enchanting the attendees and leaving them in awe.

Stay tuned for more thrilling performances as Matteo continues to redefine magic and entertainment at global events. His unique approach to modern magic is not only captivating audiences but also adding a magical touch to the world of high-octane sports.