Close up and table magic show is most often suitable for corporate events.

This show is a fantastic ice breaker. It’s provide a fun and great atmosphere. Spectacular, humorous and interactive. Close up magic does not embarrass people but gets them involved in a fun and memorable way.

Close up magic is also ideal entertainment for big birthdays, special days, summer balls and dinners. But the show is often booked for staff parties, weddings, anniversaries and many other events.

Matteo’s friendly manner will ensure that everybody has a good time.

Duration time: Recommended show time is depending on the number of guests.



An exclusive stage show with humour and fun atmosphere.

About Stage Magic Show –  Speaking of members of the audience, reading in their thoughts, eye-catching effects and lots of fun provide a variety of entertainment. It’s the perfect choice for the stage magic show for corporate events, birthdays, weddings, and everywhere where the audience is bigger. Do you want to experience the spell while your boss, colleague or friend is an active participant in the show or want a guaranteed entertainment at a larger event? Then this is the best show for you!

This stand-up magic act is pretty much suitable for any environment and situation within reason.

Duration time: 10-25 minutes



The biggest challenge for organizers, event specialists and parents is how to make a day of childbirth or a birthday for kids.

If you’re looking for a magic show that dazzle and amaze your little kids, then this brilliant magician show does exactly that!

What would be the one that really cares their attention? In this interactive program, your child can experience the miracle and be a wizard for a short time. In addition to colourful and spectacular stunts, children are also part of the show. Guaranteed loads of comedy and fun for all kindergarten and school children! The show can be personalized on birthdays and it can also be updated for the ceremony! (For instance: Christmas, Easter, Carnival)

Duration time: 20-40 minutes